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Prolific artist and dynamic promoter of the present moment, Kat Dawes, creator of Nowism, takes a stand on behalf of the now! Implementing an iconic, global consciousness campaign, ‘Cleaning Up the Mental Atmosphere’, she humorously highlights the need for an upgrade in the quality control department… of our thoughts.

It’s time to turn up the conversations of vision and potential and be a relentless broadcast of ease and flow. Notice and continue to declare the well-being present here, for everyone. It is time to give undivided attention to answers; and stop voting for the world don’t want with our precious attention. It is time to turn up the story of the hero’s quest and your individual responsibility in it. – Kat Dawes

Nowism Consciousness Campaigns encourage people all over the world to regularly trade in their negative emissions for new habits and ‘Solutionary States of Mind’.

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Kat has a unique, engaging and highly entertaining way of tackling negativity, stigma and lack of productivity. In a time where our systems are beginning to recognise the need of innovative and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions, Kat Dawes is a gift from the deep cosmos; arriving just in the nick of time. I urge you to learn more about Nowism, and the benefits Kat’s work can bring to you, and your organisation.

Nicole Gibson

Australian National Commissioner for Mental Health
Kat Dawes has arrived in the here full of the power of now to set us free from being a two tense person. She in a joyful, witty way reminds us to be free of the past and future, the tenses where all problems reside.

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Kat Dawes is the personification of her message, and whether catching a glimpse of her spirit, hearing the words she speaks or reading pages she’s written one can’t help but be powerfully moved into their now!

Mike Dooley

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