Turn off the TV…the revolution will not be televised.


For me the famous image of ‘Tank Man’ (Tiananmen Square Massacre) is an emblem of courage to stand up for peace and equality and be instrumental in ushering in an era of change. Deliberate change; conscious change. These are still the days and we are still the ones. 

The evolutionary pull towards progression is aching to be expressed. It turns up in your own heart as the desire to perfect your inner spaces, honor your true gift, look after your body temple, nourish your relationships, be abundant in your appreciation for life, and invest in the world you want to live in. Where do you put your attention? Where do you put your money? What are you standing for? Are you highlighting the problem or getting on with being the solution? 

There is such momentum for the shift, and what we do now individually is what will be expressed globally. The ‘them’ is us, ‘those’ people ‘making the choices’ are an out-picturing of what we allow to continue. Passive participation is no longer an option. Take a look throughout history, revolution has never happened through governments; it always happens through the people. There is so much work to be done and yet if we look at the entire task it looks too big, way too daunting and nearly impossible. So it is good to know that the only thing we really have to do is, work on ourselves. Diligently, go about YOUR practice. YOUR NOWism. Conscious participation in YOUR present moment. Forget the future, just take care of NOW. 

Our future is being born from the quality of our present moment. So don’t be tricked into misleading information; mass communication of vibrational trends like fear, doubt, lack, loss and worry. Wake up and stay awake! Together we smile through all of this, we find unity in creativity, joy and well being! NOW is the time! This is what we are broadcasting; this is the current event! We are giving birth to the emerging paradigm! So turn off the TV. The revolution will not be televised. 

∞ Kat Dawes ∞ #nowism #nowninjaz #freedom #revolution 

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