May this NOW Voucher highlight – The Value of Your Attention.

The Value of Your Attention

Welcome to the present moment and thanks for your precious attention So what is The Value of Your Attention?

Attention = Time! You can’t get this moment back! Did you just try? Haha! Trying to get that moment back is like trying to breathe in the past… very tricky business. (If you ever succeed at that please call NASA!)


Not only does attention = time, but it also creates something very powerful.  A ViBE!


The following post is about a little seed I planted something that I created over 15 years ago – The NOW Voucher!


The NOW Voucher, and I trust that this cosmic little voucher will highlight – the value of your attention.

Ok! Wait a moment… let’s begin from the beginning. Check out this incredible offer >>>


The Value of Your Attention!

This is a NOW voucher… it says use this NOW, now, and get another now free! If you turn it over and read the fine print it says ‘valid now, offer never ends, best used deliberately, non refundable and instantly renewable. Not exclusive to time and space, may induce random laughter – wow, now!’ 

NOW voucher The Value of Your Attention.jpg

Now, as you receive this most excellent NOW Voucher, you are either having a little giggle at the cosmic joke, or you may be a little confused or curious about what it is. You might start looking for a shop, where you can use your wonderful now voucher…

Before you give me even one more moment on this cryptic little concept, I want to ask you again…

What is The Value of Your Attention?

If you feel confused then stay tuned, it will be explained – this powerful little concept could blow your moment wide open into something great. If you are having a little laugh – then welcome fellow NOW NiNJA! Thanks for joining us in this field of celebration for the Present Moment. Your vibe is alive! You can join the movement here >>>> ∞ 

Now this is a very interesting time in human history, time feels like it is speeding up  – no one seems to have enough time and our attention is highly influenced by a bombardment of distractions and negative messaging. The level of attention to #fear is at an all-time high. Attention on #fear = control. Fear makes people think in a certain way. It therefore causes them to take action (or non-action in a certain way.  So if #fear has snagged your precious attention, does that mean you value #fear the most?


Can make you wonder…

As I said, the value of your attention is high!

The media… or as I like to call it Media-Ocrity has encouraged a trend of negativity – have you noticed? Of course you have! It is unavoidable unless you live under a rock! It is coming in from billboards and magazines, in your news feed, on the radio, in gossip columns, in coffee shops and even in your own home.  In fact it is THAT bad, it has fast become our energetic culture – globally.

It is far more common for people to feel vibes like fear, doubt, lack, loss, worry and concern, while vibes like love, joy, patience, and creativity are fast becoming Endangered Frequencies. It is considered ‘normal’ to feel tired.

Ummm WTAF?

Hence a frightening epidemic of mental health issues. 

Which brings us to the Present Moment.

Your attention and the present moment go hand in hand. You have got this moment! So how are you going to use it? The flavour of your focus is the one thing you can control, but it can take some mental muscle to uproot yourself from the negative programming that is coming in from literally every angle of your reality.

It’s a warriors gig. It is YOUR gig.  

So what NOW?

Well, as my friend Mike Dooley once said to me, “We begin where we are, with what we have”.

(That’s Mike and I sharing a NOW at his 50th b’day party!!!)

The NOW Voucher is a reminder AND an invitation for you to tune your attention to the present moment. And then decide, to invest your attention –  in the higher vibes. Vibes like #love, #joy, #patience, #kindness and #creativity need your investment – NOW! 

Choose wisely where your put your thoughts, because thoughts become vibes which ultimately create a moment of materialisation. Manifestation. Make this moment count.

 Because as time keeps rolling, our world keeps changing… 

Where you invest your attention, deliberately, in the present moment, it is one of the most creative forces in the whole universe. And that, my friends, is the superpower we have over all ‘powers that Be’. 

So in summary…. this little NOW voucher is 2 things.

1. It is a reminder service of how precious your time really is. Keep a tight quality control of where you ‘pay’ your attention. Not only does that make your life a better condition for potential to express, but it also lifts the lowest common denominator of the human experience up a notch or two!  There is a high value on your attention! 

2. The NOW Voucher is an invitation to engage in a Game. It is a game of consciousness – a game of attention.

Over the past 10 years it has become the NOWism personal/spiritual development curriculum. I teach this game to indviuduals who are ready to fine tune their focus and represent the emerging paradigm. Ultimately, you play this game in your own mind. You decide (right here and NOW) to put a quality control on where you place your precious attention and then build a tool box of spiritual strategies to stay tuned into the high vibes and not get swept up by the negative frequencies.

The concept is simple. Let’s give the good vibes more airtime. This a wonderful time in human history! And I trust that as we take back our precious attention we will co create a world more wonderful than ever!

So much love! Kat Dawes ∞




  • Darani Klose
    Posted at 04:01h, 19 July Reply

    Awee,You’re Such A Precious Spirit Kat, Loving your frequency, All so truthful, I’m finding that when I can pause in that small moment, its so helpful to me as helps my “response /reaction, Feeling so Blessed as one ” Surrender’s ” releasing all negativity constantly to the universe,Thanking You For All Your Sharing, Loving Light Surround You <3<3<3

    • Kat Dawes
      Posted at 09:29h, 12 October Reply

      Darani! Thanks for representing the good vibes! I love that we get to play!

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