The emotional stock market

Where do you invest your attention? #fear #doubt #lack #loss #worry #hope #love #wellbeing #joy

What an amazing thing it is to be able to feel so many different things.  There is a spectrum of different emotions that are here for the feeling!

What vibes do you feel too much of?

And which vibes do you not feel often enough? (or even ever)

Do you know that good vibes need your attention?

Which vibes would you like to get more of right now if you could?

Imagine you are on an energetic shopping spree, there are all sorts of emotions in the isles that are for the becoming. Which frequencies would you put into your shopping basket?

Due to the fact you have been contaminated by so many bad vibes, you have actually memorise and mastered the wrong emotions!  Now, you are so good at feeling vibes like concern, doubt, worry, fear and anger that you have forgotten how to feel some of the good vibes like, freedom, love, well being, confidence and power etc.  Many good vibes have become Endangered Frequencies…. stay tuned for the NOWism Consciousness campaign (coming soon-ism)

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