Save an Endangered Frequency.

Save an Endangered Frequency! 




Former favourite frequency of the world, commonly known as #love, is struggling to find outlets for expression!


I know. 

Due to the steady increase of human interest in drama and distraction – globally – #love is officially at risk of not being commonly felt. 

Brace yourself ladies and gentlemen, #love is officially an Endangered Frequency!

As most people are aware, the Emotional/Energetic StockMarket is teaming with options! Love, joy, creativity, patience, chill and kindness are most certainly some tasty favourites. There are also some spicier vibes up for investment such as frustration, anger, doubt, apathy and the ever increasing popular vibe – #fear. 

#Fear’s marketing campaign is something to behold. Catching the attention of millions and millions of attention investors, it has literally swept through the Mental Atmosphere of humanity – like a virus. 

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It is a radical thought, that #fear gets up to 80% more airtime than any other vibe? 

So how come these nourishing vibes are no longer very popular?

Do they just have weak marketing? Bad branding? Not enough likes and followers?

A few weeks ago it was announced, the most recent vibe to join the endangered frequency list was #freedom. Of all the things to go out of fashion? FREEDOM!!! But how can it happen? 

According to Now NiNJAs all over the world, it has been a very sneaky series of events, #limitation and #restriction have been parading around like law and order – creating the illusion that more rules are cool – and we need more and more of them. So, rules are of the rise, yet little do people know that many of them are funded by #limitation and #fear.

The status of #trust is being watched VERY carefully. It seems that the deeply rich imagination of a hand full of dreamers in this world, is still holding #trust in it’s fundamental place… but who knows for how long… 

Reports are coming in from all over NowHere, that some of our classic good vibes – are missing. Think about it for a moment, are there some feelings you miss feeling? Are your best emotions only active as memories? Well, you are not alone.  

This has become our global energetic culture. It is more common for people to feel #concern or #anxious than they are to feel #inspired and #powerful. 

Which brings us to the Present Moment. 

Good vibes are looking for volunteers. The Endangered Frequencies are seeking refuge in your Present Moment.

So how can you Save an Endangered Frequency?

  • Select a vibe/frequency that you feel has been neglected.
  • Volunteer this moment.
  • Connect.
  • BE the feeler of the vibe.
  • Give it away.

How to Save an Endangered Frequency


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