The Time and Space Contract (download)


What if, before you became you, you signed a Cosmic Contract with All-That-Is? The Time and Space Contract is a light hearted reminder and summary of the inherent cosmic facilities you have available to you at all times during your flesh and blood adventure!  You literally have cosmic powers!  What if you used them? 

Unlike most contracts, The Time and Space Contract humorously highlights a loop hole that allows you to break the contract as often as you like.  The loop hole is free will, the opportunity to choose!  This means that during your adventure in time and space you can choose to ignore your cosmic powers and live a small, gritty, little life, constantly complaining about your bad conditions, unconsciously choosing to live a life of heartache, fear, lack, loss, worry, scarcity, lethargy etc., etc. Sound familiar? 

Topics Include:

  • Vibration
  • Manifestation
  • Meditation
  • Emotions and Relationships

The Time and Space Contract is the essential User Manual for living a powerful human life!

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