Rehearse Your Best Case Scenarios!



This NOWism PERSONALISED audio recording is designed to assist you to rehearse your best case scenarios!  

Consider this amazing product to be like a tapestry of words that pulls you into a momentum of high vibes, creating the ripe condition in you for the activation of your potential!


This is a powerful personalised stream of words and energy to assist you to see your life through a filter of wholeness, power, abundance, exhilaration and satisfaction.  The words help you see it. When you can see ‘it’, you can BE it.  It will raise your vibe – in the Present Moment.  Download the questionnaire and fill it out, and when you are ready send it back to me and I will create something magical for you. Please allow about 7 days.



Dear Kat

Listening to your magical formulation of words entwined with humour and zest I feel inspired simply through listening. I also am experiencing changes to the energy in my body, I can feel like a rearranging occurring frequently and am super excited and alive during the unfolding of the new NOW.

I highly recommend working with Kat whatever that means for you.


Connie Watts @

Heal My Body Massage

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