One Month Training


A four week package consisting of 4 X 1 hour calls (over a month) and email exercises and support throughout the week. This program helps you create momentum and acclimatise in a new personal operating system.

During the calls we look at your life  and tailor the practice to your specifics.

  • You participate in the Game of Now Ninjaz; learning how to stealthily bring yourself back on track when you loose your Nowness.
  • You learn to effectively interrupt your own *momenterrorism (uploading better programs than your #fears etc.)
  • You learn about #Flashtags and how to Off set Your Negative Emissions. #NEOS.
  • We decode and your own divine language and before you know it, you are running consciousness campaigns in your own mind –the form of an entertaining practice.
  • You will start to recall and reveal a powerful life starting to emerge through you.

Off set your Negative Emissions and begin to tell-a-vision! It takes a high level of commitment, courage and celebration. When applied with passion it can bring about any change you can imagine!

You also become a part of the Now Ninja community; an intimate group of people who are committed to creating lasting change in their lives. There is a spectacular variety of characters at the moment, this part of the program adds a lot of value as we all share our unique ways with Nowism processes. People add to the creativity through their individuality. It is not a one-size fits all universe when it comes to spirituality. So together, the Now Ninjaz continue to create variations on the Nowism language and keep growing the culture.

You can begin the Now Ninjaz Program by filling out the questionnaire available for download after payment purchase.

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