Airtime Audio Series Pt. 1 #EASE


Introducing my NEW airtime series!


With so much negativity flying at us during this incredible time in human history, we have to learn how to flex the muscles of vibrational / emotional health and wellbeing… WITHOUT NEEDING THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT TO BE A CERTAIN WAY.


This #airtime series is a series of mini programs that is designed to help you get the ‘airtime’ with the vibes that you feel are missing – by listening and connecting.


Airtime is Emotional Investment. Time you give to thoughts and concepts which … creates a vibration, an emotion which is broadcasted from your heart.


Over time you will learn how to reveal the presence of a vibe without you needing an external thing, circumstance, situation to happen first – including listening to this audio!! It is my intention to help you train yourself to be able to induce your attention to reveal a vibe using just the power of your choice and attention.


In part 1 of the series you receive two short and sweet tracks. #1. An introduction to concept of  ‘airtime’ and #2. The vibration of EASE.

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