Three Month Program – The Game of NOWism.



Let the Games Begin!




This 12 weeks of online group classes  is only AUD $300 👈 Next round starting on Sunday, November 1st, 2020.  If you want to discuss a payment plan please email




The Premise of The Game of NOWism is that we have to give ‘higher vibes’ more ‘airtime’ in our minds. The fine print is, higher vibes activate our potential. Through focusing your attention into this game of consciousness, you become the right condition for not only your potential to express, but for life’s ‘best’ to flow easily to you; dynamic health, enriching relationships, overflowing abundance, deep self worth and acknowledgement and exciting opportunities!  The fine print is, you help change the world… one thought at a time.


Welcome to the Present Moment!


I invite you to join us on an uplifting and entertaining adventure into personal and spiritual development!


What you will learn:


  • how to focus on possibilities more than problems.
  • how to catch a negative thought before it turns into an unstoppable momentum.
  • how to develop ‘alkaline’ ways of thinking and feeling.
  • why looking after your vibration is the most important thing in your entire life!
  • how to deal with ‘other people’ and their toxic conversations and behaviour.
  • how to drop thoughts that no longer serve you.
  • how to wash your hands of the past.
  • how to rehearse your best case scenarios.
  • how to reframe challenging situations so that you can cut to the chase a grow.
  • meditation.
  • why you are not getting what you want.
  • the actual process for MANIFESTATION.
  • how to stay consistently inspired.
  • how to discover your true purpose.
  • a new way to look at your spiritual practice.
  • the NOWism language and conscious culture.


One of the biggest challenges with sustaining a spiritual practice is that it often feels separate from your actual life. The Game of NOWism encourages you to play with your consciousness while you go about your day.



What is included:

  • 12 x one hour live classes.
  • Video and Audio recordings of each class.
  • Daily Mini voice recordings that serve as a vibrational tune up. An inspiring start to each day.
  • Email of suggested homework and activities to embody the practice.
  • An ever growing community of ever expanding NOW NiNJAZ!


What do you need?

  • an email address.
  • Zoom app for live Q&A
  • FB messenger (optional) for ongoing NOWism conversation during the week.
  • #willingness 🙂

ROUND #6. of the Game of NOWism may move to a new online platform. If there are any changes, you will be informed.


So when do we begin?

First live class will start on Sunday, Nov 1st, 2020 @ 11am Time zone: Sydney NSW, Australia (GMT+10)  This is Saturday in the USA,


Please note: the live class day occasionally shifts around over the 12 weeks and your flexibility is appreciated.  Sometimes we hold them on Monday nights and sometimes over the weekend.  I am currently based in Los Angeles. You have 100% access to all recordings. 


Last Thoughts:

What we have learned from the last few rounds of the Game of NOWism is, the real power is in the consistency of the conversation. This is not something you just learn and then it is done.  This is an ongoing process. 12 weeks gives you time to sink into the information and build your own conscious culture. While sharing is not compulsory, stories and questions from students add a lot of value to the program – the creative workshopping of the content brings the whole culture to life.  You become a part of a like minded group of people who are focused on possibilities more than problems. If you are challenged by something or finding it difficult to stay focused, there is support from other people and on the spot reminders about which NOWism tool could assist you in your particular circumstance. Together we are better.  

I welcome you to The Game of NOWism!  I am excited to see what you bring.  Game on!


Kat Dawes.




P.S. You will receive a welcome letter with instructions. For further questions please email me at

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