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The truth is, we all loose it some of the time, we all get angry some of the time, we all eat crap food some of the time, but ‘some of the time’ isn’t your issue. It is choices that you keep repeating over and over in now… that become most of the time. Life is a bunch of now’s and to get lasting results you have to get consistent. No success or failures happen over night- they are all the coagulation of choices, behaviours and actions that we have made over a series of moments – time. This moment and this moment and this moment. Now now now. If you want lasting change then have to stop saying you are going to just ‘give it a shot’. You have to decide right here and now that you are going to commit to excellence. Excellence in all the important areas of your life, your work, your health, your relationships, your finances.

Wanting to make a change without a path to follow, however, just creates more wanting and no action. It isn’t difficult to create lasting change, but you have to participate in a flow and get consistent. Nowism is an art, a practical and playful personal operating system that you apply on a now to now basis. It shows you that every moment is material for your consciousness to work with. Nowism shows you that life is a consistent and accurate feedback loop revealing where your focus is. And it prepares the space for you to sit still and watch your patterns, shift them accordingly and therefore leverage the energy that creates worlds to create a life of excellence. There are currently two Nowism coaching programs to choose from. Both are facilitated personally by Kat Dawes.

  • The Tune Up Chat Program

  • $250/mo
    • A one hour inspiring ‘tune up chat’ designed to interrupt your moment and lift you into a higher vibe. You participate in a one hour call with Kat where she helps you recognise what vibes are driving you.

    • Negative beliefs? Or positive beliefs? Understand why you behave the way you do, recognise the limiting belief patterns that hold you back, and then trade them in right now for a more positive and powerful thoughts that will serve you.

    • This one hour call is an introduction to the Game of Now Ninjaz and is designed to inspire you into action. Trade in a negative thought pattern for a powerful affirmative one.

  • Now Ninjaz Program

  • $799/mo
    • A 4 week package consisting of 4 X 1 hour calls (over a month) and email exercises and support throughout the week. This program helps you acclimatise in a new personal operating system.

    • During the calls we look at your life’s ingredients and tailor the practice to your specifics. It takes a high level of commitment, courage and celebration.

    • You also become a part of the Now Ninja community; an intimate group of people who are committed to creating lasting change in their lives. This program adds a lot of value as we all share our unique ways with Nowism processes.

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