How can I stay positively focused in a world full of negativity?

The world is involved with a negative trend, therefore it can take some mental muscle to not join the negative, stagnated, doubtful vibe… Nowism is the art of becoming the right condition to live an extraordinary life. It highlights the significance of each moment and the way you choose to be in it. Taking the essence of ancient mindfulness teachings and translating them into a contemporary, user-friendly practice; Nowism is a modern finger – pointing at ancient wisdom.

In a world full of Momenterrroism, it takes some mental muscle to not join the negative, stagnated, doubtful vibe. The flavour of conversations and our interest must lean away from the problematic, fact-based worst case scenarios, into the audacious take-over of conversations about possibilities, potential, vision, and collaboration. The positive conversation needs airtime. Help this powerful moment become a movement – starting in your own life.

—What if you are the hero in this story?

People tend to wait for the change. When the Global situation improves, then I’ll improve too. Her...

On behalf of the Present Moment, thanks for filling it up consciously. This is the NOWism’s Negati...

—Purge the vibe that does not serve you and do your bit to save this moment… from you.
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