Am I Negative?

“Am I Negative?” (Yes, you are – here’s what to do about it.)

So you ask your friend one day, “Am I negative?”

And you brace yourself as they respond, “Yes, you are. You really actually are.”

Even though it’s not a total surprise, you check with yourself, “Am I really THAT negative?” And you start to ponder this sudden revelation…

So here you are simmering in the fact that you are a bit negative – well, actually really, REALLY negative – and  you are wondering if there is anything to really do about it?

And most importantly, SHOULD you do anything about it? After all, being negative has its place in life, AND its perks!

  • You see the bad news before it even happens. √
  • You can’t get hurt by high expectations, because you are already disappointed. √
  • Negative humour is far funnier than positive humour! √

 Am I really THAT negative?

Yes, it seems you actually are.  So where did you get your perfect negativity from?

And now the real momentum begins; it is so easy to justify, because deep down you KNOW you have good reasons for your negativity…

“Seriously, just take one look at the world!”

  • There isn’t enough time for anything.
  • Everyone is struggling on some level.
  • Life feels like a giant competition.
  • There isn’t enough to around.
  • Heaps of people have cancer.
  • The environment is clearly taking strain.
  • There is corruption in our governments.
  • The price of fuel keeps going up and UP.
  • People are mostly depressed and unkind.
  • Interest rates are shitty.
  • My mother law is freaking me out.
  • My whole family is negative, so what do you expect.
  • I grew up not having what I wanted.
  • I usually lose the game , so why play?



  • the world is FULL of terrorism.


 “Am I negative? Yes indeed I am!” 


Momenterrorist alert!!

Am I negative?

Actually the worst type of terrorism going around these days is something I call, ‘momenterrorism’. It is the terrorism of this moment inflicted by individuals who can’t see the epic goodness that’s going on around them. Because even though there is a LOT of stuff that needs to lift and shift in this world, there is in fact, WAY more good stuff going on than bad. But no, you keep noticing the negative; attracted like a magnet to the worst case scenarios!

Now here is a very important discerning piece of NOWism for you to understand: I’m not talking about a passing negative moment that can bring you clarity about what’s not working, or what is NOT good. No! I’m talking about a hardcore habit of negativity; a relentless negative focus that is an art unto itself. You have mastered being cynical.

Am I really THAT negative?”

Yes, you’ve made negativity into a fine art.


Now here’s the fine print.. It’s not *just your fault. Negativity, AKA: Momenterrorism, is actually an epidemic that has swept across the mental atmosphere of the entire human race.  It is coming in from every angle of our media – on repeat – and eventually it lands as a program inside of peoples’ minds. With so much exposure to bad news it isn’t surprising that it’s more common for people to feel worry and concern for things in life, than it is for people to feel inspired and grateful for this moment!

Oh Shit! I am negative.

Yeah you sort of are and although it can be entertaining to highlight how hectic your negativity actually is, the energetic implications are really, really BAD for you.

A habit of negativity literally creates the condition for more negativity and neuro-scientists such as Dr Joe Dispenza, are producing consistent proof that a constant negative focus and feeling in the body, creates a plethora of toxic chemicals which then flow through the bloodstream.

It’s all fun and games until your negativity makes you really sick!

On a spiritual level, being intensely negative literally cuts you off from opportunity. Why? Because you aren’t wired to see the signs of opportunity – you have trained your brain to be suspicious and protective.

Now here’s the good news.

Phew! Thing were getting pretty negative there for a moment!

The same mechanism in your brain which created a habit of negativity, is the same mechanism in your brain that can fire and wire new pathways of positivity! But it is time stop rehearsing those worst case scenarios and move toward flexing the muscle of your Best Case Scenarios!

If you are ready to get down in the trenches of your own consciousness, here are some steps you can take towards facing your momenterrorism head on and ultimately disarming your habit of negativity.

  1. Catch your self out being negative. It is super important to catch yourself out red-handed. If you don’t catch it in the moment that it’s happening, then you can’t start to do anything about it. This is the activation of your awareness! Amazing! Welcome to the present moment. How do you catch yourself out?
  2. Decide. The single most powerful embedded characteristic in the human psyche in the freedom to make a decision. Decide that repetitious negativity is not for your highest good and take a private Vow to Now, that you are going to start noticing when the wave of cynicism and negativity starts to take over.
  3. Start to train your attention to get some ‘airtime’ with good vibes. What I mean by this is go on a hunt for things that flow, that feel fun and easy. Get less interested in drama and get more interested in gratitude. What are you grateful for? It may seem cliché at first – but that because you are better at being negative! LOL.

So those are three REAL STEPS you can start taking to free yourself from the ever escalating negative culture. I promise you that as you catch yourself out on the 10th time in one day, you are going to start get more and more interested in your consciousness and what it means to be a peace AKA: more positive.

Richest NOWs! Kat Dawes. ∞




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