Make your mind a better place with these 5 upgrades for your mind.

Make Your Mind A Better Place with these 5 upgrades.

We all want to make the world a better place, but have you ever considered starting with your own mind? Make your mind a better place.

Our minds are incredibly powerful! In fact, all of creation starts with an urge, followed by a thought; the quality of that thought will determine whether you take action on the creative urge. The way we think is a habit.  We shut down a lot of possibilities due to the WAY we think. If you are used to being concerned, much of your thinking with reflect a concerned flavour. If you are used to feeling doubtful, much of your thinking will be based on doubt.  

Now here’s why it’s so important to understand the basics of this concept. The way we observe reality amplifies the qualities of what we are observing. If we get caught up in noticing the sadness and lack in the world, we will notice more sadness and lack. If we, however, train the mind to notice the goodness that is everywhere present, you will amplify the goodness.  

Not sure if that’s true?


Consider a time where you took an interest in a thing, say a specific model car. You research it, you admire it, you think about it and it generates a vibe in you. As you are going about your days, suddenly (or so it seems) you start to notice this car everywhere! You see it in traffic, in magazines, on TV etc. It’s fascinating, because the only thing that changed is your attention to the topic. This is perfect example of the power of our attention. What you notice is amplified by your attention.  

Imagine if you started to notice how wonder life is? Imagine if everyone started to notice how wonderful life is!


Now before you have a tantrum about the fluffiness of ‘positive thinking’…


I invite you to hear this from a different space. There are most certainly many reasons to feel ‘bad vibes’ in this life. We live inside a platform of contrast – duality. There is This and That… up down, good, bad, hot cold, chalk cheese 😉 Stunningly provided to us by the mysterious All That Is. A negative thought, observation or indication, has a very important part to play in the life that we live. When we see things that disappoint or annoy, it creates clarity of our preference. That is an exciting purpose for a bad vibe – clarity. But a habit of negativity is something else… and so many people are falling into an unconscious habit of negativity – the pollution of the Mental Atmosphere is hitting catastrophic levels! 

Yes there is a Mental Atmosphere! Read about it here.

Part of the problem during this amazing time in human history, is that the powers that be use #fear as a way to control us. The broadcast of fear coming through news feeds, tvs and magazines is so genius because by presenting stories of horror, trauma, dishonour and concern – it generates an instant feeling of concern and limitation. It is totally genius, there are no chains or locks on the doors, there are just ideas and we invest emotionally into them. We become suspicious of each other, we race, compete and protect and often don’t follow our intuition because we feel more afraid than inspired.  

But what if we did a spring clean of the mind and took the time to make our minds a better place? If you want to plant a garden, it is best to prepare the soil first.

So, here are few NOWism tips!

Make Your Mind A Better Place – with these 5 upgrades.


  • Take a Vow to NOW. Fall in love with the Present Moment and make a clear decision to turn on your awareness to the quality of your current thinking. Treat each moment as something super precious, and honour this moment with a quality thought and a quality vibe. Change can only happen from right here in the present moment.


  •  Notice all the good things. Train yourself to look for what is working and do your best to not be SO interested in what isn’t working. You’ll be amazed by the momentum that happens when you commit to this principle – even just for a few days. 


  • Ban the Bad Vibes. Clearly the flip side to #2. Stop the bad vibe in it’s tracks. Don’t explore it any deeper than what is necessary. A thought can take off into a radical momentum, so upgrade your Quality Control Department and catch the potential ‘bad’ vibe before it takes off and focus on the clarity of your preference.


  •  Be still. Learn to meditate, even if it’s just for 10 mins at a time. Give yourself a blank canvas to work with. Learn to let go of stories and noisy repetitive thoughts. It’s busy in there! Your mind has a running commentary… you can learn to turn it off. Ahhhh the freedom is real!


  • Get airtime with the high vibes. This is a development on number two, first you notice what’s working and then you move to full investment. Working on your positive dialogue and description of reality is key.  This takes practice, particularly if you have a pretty solid habit of negative commentary.


Here is a FREE NOWism mini class to assist you with a new script for your life.


The bottom line is you are creating your reality. And I’m not talking about creating from the big intentional (and somewhat occasional) thoughts you have, I’m really talking about your sneaky in-between thoughts. What’s your default setting? It’s not what you are thinking about, it is the WAY you use your machine of creation – your mind. This is not about positive thinking but rather intentional living. And if we want to make the world a better place, it is essential to start using the creative faculty with much more care and consciousness. 


Make your mind a better place!


Make Your Mind A Better Place



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