Increase your vitality – alkalise your thinking.

The wellness industry – is a booming industry. More and more people are waking up to making healthier living choices. Have you ever wondered how to increase your vitality? There is a massive flux of individuals interested in increasing their well being: gym junkies, zumba enthusiasts, yoga goers, juice fasters and vegans. And on the flip-side, there is also an increased number of people diagnosed with things like cancer. Increasing your vitality and maintaining a healthy body is clearly an important part of the plan.

Although it seems common sense may have slipped for a moment there, thank goodness, NOW, ancient wisdom is becoming common knowledge; being translated into modern day practices.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Step away from the screen.
  • Move your bodies.
  • Breathe clean air.
  • Drink clean water.
  • Get in the sunshine.
  • Craft your daily meals in the direction of staying alkaline.

But what about toxic thoughts?

What about the habits of feeling frustrated, sad or anxious?


For instance, if you are eating your perfectly balanced meal while feeling angry about your job, or the state of the world and thinking to yourself, “I just can’t stand this!” how does that play out in the body temple? Is THAT going to increase your vitality?

I think not…

Welcome to the Present Moment. 

Toxic thoughts lead to toxic feelings, which leads to toxic behaviours, which leads to more toxic thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It’s a vicious circle that starts in the mental atmosphere (AKA the noosphere).  Toxic habits of thinking and feeling is the leading cause of dis-ease. True story. And lucky us, during this incredible time in human history, we have a stunning amount of science surfacing to measure and prove this fact. Giants in the industry of epigenetics and neuro-science such as Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza are uncovering just how important the invisible world of thinking and feeling actually is.  

Increase your vitality – alkalise your thinking.

In NOWism Masterclasses I have quarantined the concept of negative thinking and given it a new name. The new name for a habit of a negative focus is called ‘momenterrorism’. That’s right. You are terrorising your own moment by the way you think and feel. 

Alkalise your thinking

The contamination of the present moment due to a focus on fear, doubt, lack, loss and worry etc. – that’s momenterrorism. 

And the insidious problem is, it’s not just you! We live in a negative culture where fear is literally promoted everyday through every marketing channel known to man. Bad news is mass-communicate; have you heard? 

  • Unnecessary medicines that you should take ‘just in case’.
  • Security systems – lock your self in and the bad people out!
  • Surveillance – gives you eyes in the back of your head!
  • Insurances – cos we are planing for a disaster at some point. 
  • Corruption in governments!
  • Addictions everywhere! Food, drugs, sex, technology!
  • Violence on the streets!
  • Rumours of wars!
  • Fake news!
  • Terrible diseases!
  • Celebrity suicides!
  • And more…so much more! We are just getting started!

The news every night is revealing a scandal of sorts. If it bleeds, it leads and all this is very cleverly assisting you in rehearsing your worst case scenarios! 

Clearly focusing on that type of chaotic content (in a habitual manner especially) comes with a buffet of dense vibes; it’s nature is toxic. The promotion and constant ‘airtime’ of these vibes in our mind, doesn’t help us feel confident and inspired, they make us feel suspicious and concerned. To increase our vitality we have to start with alkalising our thinking. We must literally turn the tv off and design a way of thinking that filters out the onslaught of negative messaging coming into our minds; train our attention towards noticing harmony and vitality.

Increase your vitality – alkalise your thinking.

NOW NEWS FLASH! Here’s some good news…

We are surrounded by a LOT of beauty and goodness; the principle of a positive focus is painfully simple. But it seems implementation is something else all together. It is highly likely, due to this virus of momenterrorism (so common today), YOU are surrounded by momenterrorists, and they may not jump onto the band wagon of your ‘solutionary’ state of mind! 

So listen up NOW NiNJA! Here are a few steps you can take towards increasing your vitality and alkalising your thinking.

  • It starts with a very firm decision, possibly a private one that no one else will know about. 
  • Then you develop the art of healthy day dreaming. What that means is, you train your mind to gravitate towards things you are grateful for; you look for things to compliment; you look for things that inspire you.

The result of this type of spiritual development training is you train your focus and you  raise the default setting of your vibe. Your vibe begins to linger in a general space of ease and flow, instead of haemorrhaging towards feelings like concern, worry and frustration.

Being Alkaline goes much deeper than drinking water and eating right – it starts with thinking light. You are what you think! Increase your vitality – alkalise your thinking.

And it is awesome to know that once you make that decision in yourself and you make that energetic move, you will attract other like-minded people to your party. Fear not! You are actually not alone! There is a great movement taking place, and you are an important part of it.






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