Evolutionary triggers

Evolutionary Triggers

Atrocity is hard to accept. It’s nature is shocking; the ugliest vibes on display. Horrible, cruel, brutal acts of evil suddenly taking place… and now we try to go about our business, focusing back into our lives, without falling into anger and totally loosing our shit. The Orlando tragedy is one of these moments, so was 9/11 and every school shooting. We have to pull right back and get REALLY general to find a constructive use for feelings such as ‪#‎dread‬ and ‪#‎despair‬. The vibes that inflame our hearts. So how does one BE in this collective vibe of sadness without getting swept up into a place of giving up on man-kind?

My only useful reframe in this situation is this….

Pain and suffering are evolutionary triggers. When something ‘bad’ happens in the world… or let’s say even just to you (or me) it causes you to have strong desire towards your preference. The evolutionary trigger (pain) causes you to eventually become your answer.

May the crazy shit that is happening in the human collective, be a loud enough trigger for us all – as individuals – to continue to find ways to radically represent ‪#‎love‬ in our own lives. The only answer to deep, dark, evil, grittiness – is love. We know this is true – that’s what the Hero’s Journey is all about. Light conquers darkness – that IS the way it plays out. You can’t turn on the dark switch – there is no source of evil. Now, responding with love is tricky when the details of what happened are so horrendously foul. How do you rise up when the very drama of a situation is distracting and our precious attention is high-jacked into hopelessness and devastation? Humanity can be so ugly – a fact which can be intoxicating. Yet focusing there – is not the answer. We are better than that. So here is a great place to invest.

# The world is not going to wake up, until you wake up – until I wake. It’s just the design of the game. Our desire to ‘make’ other people ‘get it’ is what slows down the birth of the new paradigm. We have to get deeply interested in being a light unto ourselves first and then pour it into each other – simply because that feels like a good idea! Relentlessly loving… being instrumentalities for the Great Spirit of Life to shine through. We don’t find the answer – we become the answer. A great transformation will take place in this world when we are not looking for it. A time is coming where we will be so ‘busy’ BEing the love that atrocities will fade into our history. ‪#‎forgive‬‪ #‎shift‬ ‪#‎share‬ ‪#‎shine‬. Make your conversations of #love louder. The ‪#‎good‬needs ALL the airtime. We become each other. You are the One.

~Kat Dawes~ ‪#‎nowism‬ ‪#‎nowninjaz‬

PLEASE SHARE if you know someone who could do with a creative perspective on what to do with a bad ‪#‎vibe‬ that won’t go away.

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