Get happy fast: how to go from depressed to impressed in under an hour!

Did you know, happiness is a muscle that needs to be flexed? If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you want to get happy fast you have to understand #joy is the gym – you have to attend. You can’t just buy the vitamins and then not take them! Duh!  

But listen up! You CAN go from zero to hero, when you use your precious attention correctly! And that’s where a little NOWism comes into play.

Are you ready for this? Cosmic drum roll pleeeease! 

By learning the basics of NOWism you can not only – get happy fast – but you can go from depressed to impressed in under an hour! Yes! You can turn your vibe around – fast! 

Oh, umm, by the way, this is a modern spiritual practice, here is a short list of things you DO NOT NEED!

  • a cave.
  • a mountain.
  • a vow of silence.

*though these are excellent options if you are up for some dematerialisation! LOL!!

Above all, what you need is a decision. Yes, just a simple (but powerful) decision to master your precious attention. 

I remember the day I realised that knowing about being open and positive wasn’t enough – I had to actually get involved! My brain was always busy telling me WHAT to do instead of actually doing it!

In that very moment, I stopped my internal commentary and put my attention on generating the feeling. At first it felt a little fake, like I was acting on some cosmic stage and the Universe was my invisible audience. But after a little practice I started to get better and better at inducing the vibe that I thought was missing… and the benefit of that personal training was NEXT LEVEL! Now I have a mood booster! A mood lifter and shifter!

NOW, I know how to get happy fast!

And I can get that handy tool out of my NOWism tool box whenever I start to feel a little down.

You see, the reason we can feel depressed, sad, apathetic or generally miff is because our attention gets snagged on details that don’t feel so great. The more we focus on something negative, (even if it is true my friends) the more vibe/emotion it generates in us…

For example:

  • You notice something not working…
  • Sadness arises inside of you…
  • You think about how long it’s not been working for…
  • Sadness gains momentum…
  • Now you notice something else that’s not working..
  • Sadness gets a little bigger, a little heavier……

Consequently – low-and-behold-the loneliness – the downward spiral of darkness takes hold. Argh! Meanwhile, the real problem is – you keep thinking about your problems. 

Now here’s the good news! And believe it or not my friends, there is plenty more good news where this news came from. In the same way your attention to something negative can highjack your day, so too can your attention to something positive, start a momentum of vibe in the right direction! You can make yourself happy AND…

You can get happy FAST! 

Depressed or Impressed? The difference starts with a clear decision. And since you have made that decision right in this very moment, I am going to share with you a few a ways for you to go from depressed to impressed in under one hour.

Let’s Get Happy Fast! (Seriously)

Oh, by the way, I should re-mention the fine print; your happiness IS going to cost you. You have to pay attention! A LOT of attention. I am even going to ask you to INVEST your attention! But you already made that decision right?

Are you ready?


First things first, grab your precious attention and uproot it from the depressive distraction. Pull it out – HARD. Exit. You’ve got what it takes. Grab that little sucker and bring it back to the present moment.  Right NOW. You with me?

>>>Welcome to the Present Moment… there are so many great things this moment has to offer.<<<


Now, train your attention to notice something that is working in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, how big or small, just rest your attention on something that has a little flow going on. Maybe it is a friendship that is always great, maybe it is the fact that the sky is blue today, or maybe you are grateful for the fact that you currently have 2 hands. Find something and focus. Yeeesss. Now hold it there. Don’t flinch… it’s ok to feel some relief for a moment and it’s ok to NOT be distracted by the ‘negativities’ in your life right now. This one beautiful thing that you are focusing on right NOW is WORKING, it really is.


Now the trick is to take this moment and the feeling in it (#relief) and try to extend it. As I love to say in my NOWism masterclasses, you have to milk the moment. (Like a NOW COW – milk it.) You can do that by having a gentle conversation with yourself about it.

NOTE: It can be helpful to teach yourself how to start a positive sentence, particularly when you have (accidentally) mastered being so negative.  I coach people directly on this topic, if you are interested then, hit me up >>> HERE!

As a result –  with a little bit of NOWism –  you are on your way!

Depressed? Not really. Impressed? Yes indeed!

You can you get happy fast and go from depressed to impressed in under an hour!

Now, I can hear you asking,

“What? Can it really be THAT easy! Don’t I need a coach, a shrink, some therapy or psychic crystal healing?”

No, actually, you just need a firm decision and then a whole lot of practice. You can catch yourself out in the early stages of a negative momentum and train your attention towards things that are working. In NOWism masterclass I call it ‘airtime’. Giving the good vibes more airtime in your mind.

And the best thing about NOWism? It is always good time to start practicing.

Before you know it ‘depressed’ is a distant memory… and impressed is how you feel about your mighty NOWism abilities right NOW!

-Kat Dawes-

If you are keen to try on a little NOWism, Click here to download my FREE “Short Cut To The NOW!” It is 5 power statements that can bring you instantly back to the present moment!

Shortcut to the NOW

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