#1 From Kat

One thing I have noticed when I facilitate a NOWism Tune-Up chat with any group, community or individual, is that almost every time people thank me for the reminder. It is not new – it’s NOWism. When high frequencies are activated in the present moment – it feels like a fresh breath of air. You didn’t realize you needed it, until you were IN it. Exposing oneself to the high frequency of inspiration, is as essential as the good quality of air we breathe and if you don’t tune yourself up – you become susceptible to the onslaught of negative messaging coming to us via every type of media and news-feeds known to NOW. You get annoyed by work colleagues; you feel drained by friends and frustrated by your family. As a collective, we are more used to feeling concern – than celebration. The collective default emotional setting, sits somewhere around concern and disappointment. A NOWism tune up chat reminds you All is Well, that life is for you and not against you. It pulls you out of the content of your life, and into the broader context of what life is really about. It is a broadcast that puts you into the sort of mood where traffic doesn’t bother you, and where you have ‘random’ awesome ideas. It puts a skip in your step and a celebration in your heart. You feel invincible, ‘un-bother-able’, untouchable and strong. You do your best work and you let everyone off the hook. You relax… and see clearly. You have compassion and you are in awe. And the most magical part is, is that nothing actually has changed yet. You just joined the vibe. And in joining the vibe – you learn how to generate the vibe. From the vibe, comes real solutions. Allow this moment, to become your movement.

– Kat Dawes

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