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NOW is the time!

 Have you ever felt the call to deliberately initiate yourself

into a new chapter of life?

Journey beyond the walls of your current circumstances and explore something remarkably different!

It is time to stretch yourself beyond what you know yourself to be…

How far are YOU willing to go, to wake up?

This is your Vukani Call!

I am delighted to invite you to the first NOWism Adventure in Africa! Vukani Safari! An adventure of consciousness and spirit experienced in the beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland.


‘Vukani’ is a Swazi/Zulu word that means ‘Wake up!’


And what a spectacular environment to put yourself in for a personal revelation!


The Kingdom of Swaziland



Vukani Safari!

  •  Take a life changing adventure into your consciousness and Africa.
  • Activate more of your potential.
  • Let go of ‘isms’ that hold you back.
  • Understand the importance and power of your thinking.
  • Initiate yourself into a new chapter of Nowness!
  • Learn how to translate ancient wisdom into an urban practice
  • Switch on your NEOS!
  • Travel with like-minded individuals.
  • Learn a series of powerful processes that keep you in your NOW!
  • Be entertained as you transform your life!
  • Become the right condition for greatness in your life
  • Learn how to translate ancient wisdom into an urban practice – the game of Neos!
  • Travel with like-minded individuals.
  • Learn a series of powerful processes that keep you in your NOW!
  • Be entertained as you transform your life!
  • Become the right condition for greatness in your life!
  • Learn about your Emotional stock market.
  • Understand the value of your attention.
  • Evict yourself from the comfort zone!
Africa Swaz

The Kingdom of Swaziland is the smallest country in Africa, it’s mountains border South Africa and Mozambique. I have had the honour of living in Swaziland for the past two years and it has truly thrown me wide open into the best version of myself. The gift of this particular African country is heartwarming; it balances the somewhat intense primal vibe of the great mother land – Africa, with the delightful, easy going vibes of a peaceful Swazi nation.

And then… we add some NOWism!

I intend to deliver a perfect blend of the great NOWism Practice; powerful conversations and workshops that assist to activate more of your potential, combined with the pure magic that only Africa can bring us. We are going to be engaged in way of seeing the world, which amplifies it’s gifts. Immersing in the art of NOWism and putting it immediately into practice.

Vukani Safari Highlights!

From the hustle of Jo’burg to the pristine beauty of peaceful Swaziland,

we will visit some of my favourite locations which are both potent and profound!

Participate in some grounding practices at Sibebe Rock – the second-largest monolith in the world and the largest exposed granite pluton, rising 350m above the valley of the Mbuluzi River.

We will get down in amongst some of the  colourful local action at Manzini Markets. Buy mealies (corn) prepared on open flames from the kids and appreciate artists and crafters creating their wares.

Get a birds eye view of the NOW, and experience the thrill of gliding through the canopy of the stunning Malolotja Nature Reserve!

Visit a traditional Swazi Khaya (homestead) and share some moments with some of humanities most precious individuals!

Experience some local Swazi food and African coffee! Ahhh the coffee! And even meet a real ‘Sangoma’ the African style Shaman!

THEN we are going to go beyond ‘the fence’ into the world famous Kruger National Park where Africa’s big five roam! Come face to face with elephant, rhino, buffalo, lions and maybe even the elusive leopard!

“Rehearse your best case scenarios under African skies”

I am super excited to facilitate powerful metaphysical conversations in nature around the campfire at night!  Life, love, vision and NOWism! Let’s come together to agree on our powerful potential. Let go of what no longer serves you and participate in sacred NOWism practices and rituals that help you initiate yourself into a new vision!

The beauty of this environment is breathtaking, we are going to be surrounded by mountains, music, rituals, great company and conversation. We will even visit one of my secret waterfalls – off the tourist track.

Ultimately this adventure will encourage you to create YOUR personal practice – something that is meaningful to you. NOWism curriculum is quirky and playful, meaningful and profound, it’s intelligence is multi-layered. The already memorable tools and techniques, will become absolutely unforgettable when learned in the heart of Africa!

Manzini Markets
Kat game drive
malololotja 3

“The nature of Africa is transformative, the vibe of this land gets under your skin… and that makes it a very powerful place to allow yourself to become wide open and connect with yourself and life in a new way.”

And my commitment to you is, you will build a energetic tool box so that on return to ‘the story of your life’, you have a new and exciting spiritual fuel underneath you that is user friendly in your urban life. I welcome you to this life changing adventure and to a powerful new version of yourself! Come travel this amazing  landscape of consciousness and Africa with me!



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Come and participate in a life-changing transformational adventure in 

Swaziland and South Africa!


🔺 The Kingdom of Swaziland! Epic mountains, waterfalls and villages.

🔺 Private reserves in the Kruger National Park.

🔺Glide through the canopy at Maloloitja Nature Reserve

🔺Training in NOWism practises.

🔺Connection with you and your life in a new way.

🔺Connect with new people who are also engaged in their own evolution.

🔺One on One sessions with Kat Dawes.

Due to our extensive local knowledge, we can take you on a most authentic African adventure! We are very excited to share some monumental moments with you!


🇸🇿 10 days in Swaziland and South Africa


🇸🇿 Accomodations in a variety of beautiful lodges and tented safaris.


🇸🇿 We will travel in a ‘luxury’ bus.


🇸🇿 Daily talks with Kat Dawes, life, love, vision and NOWism!


🇸🇿 Plenty of time for Q&A after Kat’s talk to address your specifics questions and isms.


🇸🇿 Vision sessions around the campfire at night (weather  permitting)


🇸🇿 Visit a homestead and authentically connect with a local Swazi Family.


🇸🇿 A canopy tour of the stunning Malolotija Nature Reserve.


🇸🇿 A walking tour of the iconic Sibebe Rock.


🇸🇿 Get up close and personal with animals a various nature reserves


🇸🇿 A visit to our secret and stunning waterfall – off the tourist track.


🇸🇿 A visit to the buzzing Manzini markets.


🇸🇿 Private one-on-one time with Kat Dawes to help you craft your unique NOWism practice.


🇿🇦 Game drives in the world famous Kruger National Park.


🇿🇦 Guided bush walks in Game Reserves in Kruger National Park.

NOW just add some NOWism!

 – Curriculum Overview –

  •  What is the NOW? What is the Present Moment?

  •  Understand your Mental Atmosphere and the damaging pollution of  negative thinking and feeling.

  • Learn how to off set your Negative Emissions!

  • Learn about your energy, the power of thoughts, vibes and intention.

  • Improve your internal dialogue to become the right condition for greatness.

  • Funnel the principles of spirituality into a user friendly game. NEOS!

  • Discover that staying focused in the Present Moment is not a chore but rather a great gift to yourself.

  • Learn the brilliant NOWism language and upgrade your conscious participation.

  • Evict yourself from the comfort zone – in a safe and transformational way.

  • Self initiate a new chapter of your life.

  • Stop feeding your Pet Peeves!!

  • Learn to Tell A Vision.

  • Micro Meditations! The shortcut to the NOW! (cos everyone has 60 seconds to Wake Up!)

  • Listen to stories of transformation around the camp fire.

  • Bonus follow up call with Kat to continue to integrate your African experience on return to your world.

Who is this for?

Do you want to ‘Wake Up’ but are not sure how?


Do you find maintaining a positive focus difficult?


Do you want more clarity around the Law of Attraction and how you are creating your reality?


Do you wish you could just take a few moments for yourself?


You have been putting off treating yourself to a meaningful trip.


You want to bring more meaning to your life.


Do you wish spirituality was more fun to participate in?


Do you love travel and adventure?


You want to experience the real Africa?


You thrive off of metaphysical concepts and conversations


Africa is on your ‘bucket list’



How will Vukani Safari benefit you?

∞ Participate in a mind blowing adventure in Swaziland and South Africa!


∞ Find you purpose… and learn how to identify with it on a daily basis.


∞ Get clear about your potential.


∞ Immerse in conscious participation in the Present Moment.


∞ Learn how to stay in the NOW.


∞ Learn how to use your thinking in a way that serves you.


∞ Turn your spiritual practice into an urban friendly game.


∞ Upgrade the quality of your internal dialogue.


∞ Stand of African soil – connect with one of the oldest lands in the world.


∞ Feel the extraordinary vibes of The cradle of humanity!


∞ Become the right condition to bring more mysticism in your life!


∞ Remember who you truly are!


∞ Indulge in a re-set for the soul.


∞ Assign new meaning to your life and live more fully.


∞ Reactivate your romance with you!

*accomodation will vary according to availability
Swing through the mighty canopy of Malolotija Nature Reserve
*Accomodation will vary according to availability
*accomodation will vary according to availability
afrika kids



EARLY BIRD $6,950 AUD – Save $500

This is a one hit wonder payment made in full.



DEPOSIT of $2,500 AUD to secure your place

Your place is secure and the balance $4,959 AUD is due 30 days before the event.

Total amount: $7,450.

What does this include?

Daily NOWism training curriculum and work book

All Airport Transfers within Africa.

All accomodation (10 nights)

All meals (3 per day)

Land travel for the entire adventure (Swaziland and South Africa

Experienced Guides throughout

Game drives in Kruger Park

Guided walk in Kruger Park

Malolotija canopy tour

One  hour private tune up chat with Kat after our adventure


During Vukani Safari we will be staying in variety of beautiful lodges/hotels and tented safaris.  We are offering twin share accomodation. *If you would prefer to stay in your own room, let us know and we will see how we can accomodate your wishes. (There will be extra cost.)

Booking your flight

Arrival Flight at O. R. Tambo International Airport – Johannesburg, South Africa, anytime on the 3rd of October preferably before 4pm. If you cannot organise a flight to land before 4pm you can come later and check straight into the hotel. We will stay one night at hotel Johannesburg (details to be confirmed soon)

Our first dinner with the Vukani Safari group on the evening of the 3rd at a chosen restaurant. We leave for Swaziland together on the morning of the 4th @ 9am sharp!

Return flight. We check out of the Kruger National Park before 10am on the 13th of October.  We will then all transfer to Nelspruit airport and fly back to Johannesburg.  This is a one hour flight (cost included in your Vukani Safari purchase) Please book your return flight home anytime from 6pm on the 13th of October. *If you intend to stay longer in the Kruger Park or anywhere in South Africa, please inform Kat when you purchase your Vukani Safari Ticket.

Passport and Visas

Please be sure to check out your specific visa requirements.


    30 days


    2 consecutive empty visa pages per entry

What we need from you

  1. A copy of your Personal Travel Insurance. *Having personal Travel Insurance is compulsory on Vukani Safari with Kat Dawes. You will be required to supply us with a copy of your insurance.
  2. A copy of your Passport Details.
  3. A copy of your flight details.
  4. We will ask you to sign a Waiver form on arrival in Johannesburg.
  5. You can email Kat Dawes at

Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions for participants on Vukani Safari

I prefer to keep the fine-print to a minimum!  However, the information below is important so please read on! Click here for terms and conditions

What is NOT included?

-International Airfares

-Personal Travel Insurance

-Personal possessions.

-Personal medications (if needed)

-Alcohol (beyond the occasional glass of wine together)

– Your in-between moments snacks.

-Spa treatments

-Extra activities undertaken during free time.