Catch 22

People tend to wait for the change. When the Global situation improves, then I’ll improve too. Here’s the thing… you are the global situation. Treat the ‘program’ like a hologram – the world can’t wake up – if you don’t take a personal interest in first waking up!

You have to unplug your attention from the collective vibe; work, family, community, tvs and magazines, blogs and bullshit etc and give a completely different frequency some serious #airtime. You have to invest your attention in things that feel good and be relentless in your focus. You have to develop a toolbox so that when different types of ‘shifts’…hit the fan, you have a Plan Be…ready to go. Yes Be… to Become. NOWism : your strategy to get your own momenterrorism under control as quickly as possible.

You have to agree to watch your mind. Agree to make this most important. You have to say #yes to the mission. As you take an interest in where you invest your attention, the consistent broadcast of negativity that has been #trending on this planet will shift and break wide open into new conversations about #vision, #potential, #creativity #love and #genius! AAhhh it is a big day… a potent new moment.

Serving Suggestion. take a breath here.. Welcome to the Present Moment. We are really glad you showed up.

Stay tuned for the NOWism Consciousness Campaign (coming soonism)

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