Are you a 'momenterrorist'?

Are you a ‘momenterrorist’? Here’s what you can do about it.

Negative thinking is SO last century. What I want to know is, are you a ‘momenterrorist’?

Let’s face it, the term ‘Negative thinking’, just isn’t dirty enough. Negative personality, doesn’t cut it. These terms don’t point at the actual damage you are inflicting on your life in present moment, let alone your mental atmosphere, your body, your situation, your wallet, your family and your (accidental) contribution to the global negative culture.

So, are you a ‘momenterrorist’?

Yeah, it’s quite likely that you are, but don’t worry… there is a solution.

Am I a 'momenterrorist'?


Terrorist of this moment. That’s more like it! Sounds almost as dangerous as it actually is. 

The level of pollution in the mental atmosphere, caused by habitual negative thinking and feeling – is not just serious – it is responsible for every single mediocre thing in this world. All shit things in this world start out as bad ideas first. So no matter which angle you look at it from – momenterrorism is responsible for all the hardships in this world.   See, we accidentally normalise feeling bad vibes and then we create from there. Eventually, bad vibes take over our lives. 

The worst part is, we are opting in and doing it to ourselves. 

So the question still being,

Are you a ‘momenterrorist’?

The following will help you see it…

Whether your negativity was:


  • learned.
  • forced upon you.
  • fed to you via family; friends; co-workers; corporate media; society or religion.

Whether your bad vibe comes from:

  • past lives.
  • ex-partners.
  • neighbors.
  • painful employees.
  • The result of too much air-time with bad company.

Whether you caught the moan and groan virus from:

  •  tvs.
  • magazines.
  • newsfeeds.
  • paranoia from public transport.
  • billboards on highways.

Whether you have:

  • done the research
  • drowned in statistics and facts.

Whether you are:

  •  getting snagged on what is #trending on twitter.
  • caught up in traffic jams
  • too much spam in your inbox.

EVEN IF life happened, and it happened hard and every inch of your vibe feels justified. Whether you are the occasional cynic with medium level negative emissions, or a full-time, full blown Momenterrorist – this is the place for you

>>>Purge the bad vibes that do not serve you and do your bit to clean up your mental atmosphere.<<<

As a culture it is becoming more and more clear, we have a collective negative habit. We perpetuate #drama, #sadness, #frustration, #lack, #loss, #worry and #concern etc. by focusing on it.  It is more common for people to feel #worried than #inspired!  Whaaaat?!

We give bad vibes LOADS of ‘airtime’ – not just on TV – but in our minds. The media has made it sexy to be in drama and now the momentum is both personal and global!  Not only that… stress is the leading cause of illness. Ya feel me?

So when you ask yourself, am I a ‘momenterrorist’? You can be almost certain that you are.


But don’t freak out! There is a solution – and that solution is YOU. By taking an interest in your own vibe and activating your awareness in the Present Moment, you can start to uproot from this culture of negativity and begin to clean up your Mental Atmosphere. *Oh, and the fine print on that – your become the right condition for GREAT things to happen to you; perfect health, abundant wealth, mind blowing romance… and activating your GENIUS!

It take a decision and then a little practice.


So, if you are ready to get in the trenches of your own consciousness and actually take on your momenterrorist head on, the I have a mini course to help you on your way. It is called NEOS. Negative Emission Offset System. It’s FREE. I love the idea of us waking up, one thought at a time.




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