5 Tips to Get Happy NOW

5 Tips to Get Happy NOW! 

As Uncle Ben once said to Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Did you know you are immensely powerful? You are, and it is  a massive responsibility. Being able to induce your happiness from nowhere, into the Now-Here, is a superhero power you want to cultivate very carefully. In fact, you want to build a tool box with at least 5 tips to get happy NOW – at all times. 

Happiness is something to stay very interested in. Particularly during this time our world, where the steady onslaught of negative messaging comes in from ALL angles – all the time.

This amplification of drama and negativity is coming in through your newsfeed and magazines, tvs and conversations, which then sweeps through the mental atmosphere of the collective unconsciousness. It is important to be aware of that.  Aware – but not invested. Don’t join the fight but instead, re-present the answer.

No matter where you are or what you are doing; waiting in line to buy something; sitting in traffic; nursing a baby, I encourage you to stand (or sit) in the NOWness of this moment and represent the good vibes. YEW!!! 


I’m so glad you asked! Here are 5 tips to Get Happy NOW!

(Thanks re-presenting!)

1. Decide. Yes. This message will repeat. It is hands down the number one superhero tool you have under your belt. At all times. (That includes NOW!) Free Will. You are using it all day long. So use it carefully. Deliberately. NOW NiNJAly.  You can decide right now, and in any moment, to train your attention towards flow, joy, play, and happiness. Your mind is exceptionally powerful! (Remember what Uncle Ben said…)

And by the way, that decision you made to be happy, first turns up on your face; it is a silent smile.

Your smile creates worlds! This is the doorway to get Happy Fast!

As my teacher Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith says so eloquently, “Choice is a function of awareness.”

We always have the opportunity to choose how we feel about a circumstance/situation. It is the difference between reacting and responding. Reacting is unconscious. Responding is deliberate.  I like remind myself from time to time, reacting is losing, responding, is choosing!

When we understand that we always have a choice (at least in the way we respond to life) then you will never feel like a victim in your story.

2. Learn how to induce some language that sets you up to win! In NOWism Masterclasses I share the importance of affirmative language. You have to STOP the statements such as…


I just don’t think that…  

I just can’t seem to….

This is too hard… 

This always happens…

It’s just such a shame that… 


The above statements are total momenterrorism language and you need to learn to stop it! (If you have never heard of Momenterrorism you can read about it – here.) But the only and only way to stop a negative momentum is to turn up the other conversation. The affirmative language! 


I love knowing that…

Isn’t it nice how….

It’s fun to see that… 


It take a little practice but it is a skill you will develop and use for REST OF YOUR LIFE. Not only that you will know how to always – Get Happy Now! 

Here is a FREE class on this topic!

Standing ovation from the universe!

3. Get interested in nature. It is ALWAYS harmonious (even if there is a storm brewing). The value of nature’s vibe is PRICELESS. We can connect with it so simply – by resting our attention on it.  Learn to observe nature, not just with your eyes, but with your heart too. The heart governs the vibes you feel. Even in the city, you can notice a bird, or a tree, or the amazing sky above your head which remains peaceful and powerful in amongst the chaos of the city vibes. This is an easy way to Get Happy Now!  

4. Be. Great AND Full. Grateful! Gratitude is a big vibe in the land of NOWness! It sends out a message to the Universe of having-ness. As Dr Joe Dispenza says, “Gratitude is the ultimate state of Receivership”  When you craft a habit out of gratitude you create an amazing default setting in your awareness that lingers naturally on what’s working. 

5. Use your breath deliberately. The breath never goes away…it is the ultimate present moment reminder. Breathe in loads of Happiness and exhale all your limitations. Not only are you symbolically allowing in the good stuff and letting go of the bad stuff, you are also sending a stream of oxygen through the body where your incredible physical intelligence distributes the oxygen, increasing your alkalinity – instantly. Nothing short of a miracle actually. 

Conscious participation is the order of the day!

Speaking of alkalinity, I wrote a powerful blog about vitality and alkalising your thinking. <<< Check it out! 


Richest NOWs!

Kat Dawes



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