#3 Being free will

I have rehearsed the frequencies of #surprise and #delight – a LOT, and although my nervous system has acclimatized to expecting great scenarios to play out in my life…. the truth is, every time… it’s still #surprise and #delight. Ahhh NOWism!

NOWism is my teacher… it is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a practice of conscious participation which has become my life’s work; The practice spills into a stream of projects.

In order to catch the genius of the projects for NOWism – I have to be in the practice of NOWism. Sometimes such painful irony to my hyper creative ego! In the beginning, I could have sworn that each piece was separate; NOW vouchers, The Time and Space Contract, Fables and fantastical stories that teach a flavor of Universal Law. Characters like Free Will, The Genie Ross, Qi. The 7th sense- your sense of humor. Mz Be, Dr NOW. Stand alone pieces of leading edge, transformation, spiritual edu-tainment. I have been Off Setting my Negative Emissions, and giving out Consciousness Awards, have been Fining people for frowning 🙂 Giving out VIP back stage passes to the Present Moment! It has been pouring out of me – a creative response; a way to keep me in a romance with The NOW. The project became an extension of my practice.

I’ve moved through the past few years erratically creating all these little pieces of NOWism, uncovering and discovering all these zany little translations of ancient wisdom. Now I am starting to see what my heart has always suspected… there is a much larger body of work emerging. Like a bright lattice of light, I can see all the delicious pieces intertwine and accentuate each other in the most profound display of wisdom and entertainment. It is a transmission- fresh from the present moment! NOWism! #surprise and #delight; the gift just keeps on giving.

Sometimes I am truly grateful for my blindness to the brilliance of it as it happens, because I get to experience it from both sides and keep renewing and witness the newness of NOWism. Other times … When I stumble across additional layers of meaning in a piece of the content, it takes my breathe away as I ponder the reality, I didn’t ‘create’ it – it happened through me. Sometime the whole ism daunts me, and temporarily overwhelms… but after This and That… through the seasons of my own Momenterrorism and NOWism – here I AM. It is a great honor, it’s my preference and also responsibility, to hold this vibration and to encourage its expansion…

NOWism content is rich. The NOW is a great topic to work with, inexhaustible in fact. (Surely it will do very well as a brand… after all, it will never go out of date!) Present Moment Promotions, In Between Moments Marketing – for consciousness. NOW Soap, wash your hands of the past! Evictions from the Comfort Zone, a Warrant for Your Rest, Quarantine your Negative thinking… tickets to the Manifest Station. There’s the Epic Story of Free Will and her Quest to save the NOW! She implements a grass roots, Global Negative Emission Trading Scheme, encouraging people to off set their habitual negative thinking. #NEOS! You can trade your #anxiety for #ease on the Emotional Stock Market. Momenterrorists and NOW NiNJAZ!! Dr NOW and Three Imagineers. The Bear Truth. The Nick of Time. Ka Xian… he’s careful. Drew Back – of Past Prime Time Media and Tom Orrow – of NetWork Next. The Glamorization of the Future and the Nostalgic ache for the days past. The NOW Cow- milk it, and most recently…the concept of the Flashtag #!!!! I am inspired to see a string that holds it all together – a series of Consciousness Campaigns.

Today, I immerse myself in the very unique frequencies that Africa offers, with a vibrational spectrum that is quite raw, I have had the honor (and horror) of feeling into some of the grittier frequencies of the human experience. The cry for revolution is loud. People want to break free and they want to skip the process! The environment causes me to go deep within myself. I’ve had celebrations, revelations, heart aches, spectacular meltdowns, followed by deep surrender! My compassion for humanity has, on some days, crippled me. The undertone of consistent ‘ache’ I can feel here in Swaziland, plus a large super-cosmic-collision with my past in the present moment, has added the right dose of spiritual maturity AKA: Ego annihilation that is required to be in authentic service and share NOWism with you. The fertilization of my becoming indeed! I have run a series of Consciousness Campaigns in my mind, so that I do not fall prey to the vibratory frequency of #struggle here. I even fell in love with a most powerful fellow NOW NiNJA – while he was still busy being a Momenterrorist! HA! Such is the opportunity of living an extraordinary life!

I have been excited about translating parts of NOWism into a cartoon series, feature films, there is potential school curriculum, an amazing APP concept which led to a Global Game. The chapter I currently find myself in… is the one where Free Will wakes up and implements Plan Be. It’s not the second plan… it is the one she is BEing. She returns to the physical world, accepting the task; the Divine Assignment. In a time of so much Momenterrorism and Media-Ocrity – where #fear #doubt #lack #loss and #worry dominate the airwaves – It is time to give life-giving frequencies of #love and #compassion some airtime.

It’s time to turn up the conversations of #vision and #potential and BE a relentless broadcast of #ease and #flow. Notice and continue to declare the well-being present here – for all. It is time to give undivided attention to answers; adopting Solutionary states of mind. It is time to turn up the story of the hero’s quest and YOUR individual responsibility in it. Stop voting for the world you don’t want with your attention and instead, ignite your Quality Control department and get interested in the emerging world. Invest your Precious Present Moment Attention in thoughts and feelings that encourage #freedom, #power and #creativity. The frequency of #play… is of great importance. All these are like endangered frequencies.. they need people to be instrumentalities and give them airtime.

I can feel the revolution in the Ideasphere! Our world is changing – I am changing. We can support the change but encouraging our own Free Will to instigate One Conscious Thought and generate it, here and now, even when you are standing in the fire of global and local Momenterrorism!

With so much ‘seriousity’ flying around about life and spirituality… It is my intention that over the moments and years to come… NOWism will bring a flavor of #surprise and #delight to what is happening during this amazing time in human history. The adventure deepens…

– Kat Dawes


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