#2 Kat’s Story

Kat Dawes had dedicated the last 10 years to creating a body of work she calls NOWism. Taking the essence of ancient mindfulness teachings and translating them into a contemporary, user-friendly practice; NOWism is a modern finger – pointing at ancient wisdom.

Kat is both the creator and the embodiment of this dynamic message. A prolific artist and communicator – she is drawn to inspire, with a background focused into a variety of arts; dance, music, writing, visual arts and theatre. She has a fierce interest in consciousness – individuals and humanity as a collective. This has caused her to explore the correlation between the stories people tell themselves, their beliefs and their results.

After an arduous era of training to be a classical dancer, at 22 years old, Kat found herself in London’s West End, where opportunities were starting to sprout for her. But just as she was breaking into the musical theatre circuit, Kat did the unthinkable – and changed her mind. She hit the road with the intention to see the ‘Universal Laws’ work through her own life.

Is it really true that the Universe always provides? What about in places of extreme danger and poverty?

Testing the Universal Law of Attraction, her stories range from busking for a living, to being a fire dancer, and even working a few seasons as the infamous Bugs Bunny. She went to Africa, the homeland where she was conceived and travelled South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe with very little money, hitch hiking and camping for the entire year. She traded in all sorts of skills to have her needs met. She witnessed the brutality and rawness of Africa; dodged the bullets of rouge police trying to take down high jackers; traded socks for eggs and wined and dined in 5 star luxury resorts. In one year with no safety nets, Kat discovered, when she cultivated the right internal condition (NOWism) The Universe Provided – every time, without exception.

Understanding the Universal Laws and how to create something from nothing, Kat began to pour herself into a great body of work – NOWism. Framing classic metaphysical teachings into entertaining memorable stories. What began as her own private practice has become a powerful stream of projects.

A most radical transformation took place for Kat over a period of six months. In a time of crisis Kat went from living in her van – with no money or tangible resources – to manifesting a car, publishing her book – The Time and Space Contract – she then travelled to Tahiti, eventually landing on stage in Florida, alongside visionary Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith, featured teacher in the movie The Secret. Since then she has negotiated multi-million dollar production investment deals with some of the most distinguished animation companies in the world for her transformational cartoon series, The KaPow of NOW! Her stories are rich – and there are many.

– Kat Dawes

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