Are you a Momenterrorist?

Yes, but don’t worry… there is a solution.

Whether your negativity was inherited, learned, or even forced upon you – fed to you via family, friends, co-workers, corporate media, society or religion. Whether your negative vibe comes from past lives, exboyfriends, neighbors or painful employees. Whether it is the result of too much air-time with bad company. Whether you caught the moan and groan virus from TVs and Magazines; paranoia from public transport or billboards on highways. Whether you have done the research and drowned in statistics and facts. Whether you are getting snagged on what is #trending now on twitter. Whether you are caught up in traffic jams or too much spam in your inbox… Whether Life happened, and it happened hard and every inch of your vibe feels justified… Whether you are the occasional cynic or whether you are a full-time, full blown Momenterrorist – this is the place for you.

NOWism Consciousness Campaign (coming soon-ism)

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